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Mona Hahn - Suite 703

White on white, artworks of etched glass, inventive perspectives – a refuge for individualists with a longing for perfection. Artist Mona Hahn teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts. Your suite is gleaning calm, a functional jewel of style. The heart of the living room is a surprising seating arrangement for two. Behind – hidden, protected – lies the bedroom. High above the city’s roofs is the Mona Hahn Suite, Vienna’s ultimate wedding suite in the design hotel in Vienna. 

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The Artist
Mona Hahn, born in Frankfurt/Main, lives in Vienna and graduated in fine arts at the Bauhaus-Universität in Weimar. She is professor of “art in the public sphere” at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. Numerous commissions for art in the public sphere, art in public buildings, as well as exhibitions in Austria and abroad. Main focal points of her work: art and the public sphere, the formal language of political systems, game theory and psychoanalysis. 


Gudrun Kampl, Opera Rossa

A walk through a red fairy-tale forest – full of dreams, mysterious, rich in allusions and surprises: Artist Gudrun Kampl created Suite 303 as a reference to myths and legends. Textile elements – red velvet dominates – contrast with white walls and the floors of warm, light wood. The functionality of a hotel suite unites with design and fantasy. Mysterious, the bedroom situated at the end of a magical forest – an enchanted night camp for the happiest day of your life.


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The Artist
Gudrun Kampl, born in Klagenfurt in 1964, lives in Vienna. She studied painting and graphics at the Master class for experimental design theory, and experimental cartoon by Prof. Maria Lassnig, University of Applied Arts. She was honoured with a wide range of prices; next to intensive exhibition activities at home and abroad she designs stage sets and costumes and creates experimental- and cartoon movies.